Narana Aboriginal Cultural Centre

Narana logoNarana is a not-for-profit organisation which provides an educational and tourism focussed destination committed to offering a welcoming introduction to today’s’ Indigenous culture.  Narana seeks to build an understanding of Aboriginal histories and culture in a welcoming, friendly and relaxed atmosphere, through personal interaction with groups and individuals from all community backgrounds.  Celebrating the world’s oldest living culture, Australia’s shared heritage and dual responsibilities, Narana encourages reconciliation and respect of culture through helping to create positive models for engagement and important dialogue around issues of National Reconciliation.

“Narana” means to deeply listen and understand, in which you take in and give out. It is this concept of listening and understanding which underpins Narana’s mission to be a destination for cultural education and tourism activities. 

Cultural Education programs are delivered by expert staff who will fill your mind with the wonders of Australia’s Indigenous Culture, connection to the land, spirituality, laws, cultural designs, Dreaming stories and more. Programs are developed to suit the interests of the visitors to the center, whether they are primary school children attending our popular School Holiday programs or business people on ‘time out’ from a conference.

Photo of Cafe Narana

Enjoy the stories of the painted ceiling that speaks the stories of the Dreaming, the creation of the land, and what happened to indigenous and non-indigenous people since 1788.

Cafe Narana offers a menu that incorporates indigenous and non-indigenous ingredients. Relax by our warm, open fire and enjoy a delicious barista-made coffee with an indigenous inspired cafe or one of our famous wattleseed scones with jam and cream.

Our Gift Shop consists of a range of handmade indigenous items including arts, crafts, didgeridoos, boomerangs, other tools and artifacts, clothing, fashion accessories, books, health and beauty products, native herbs & spices, sauces, jams, souvenirs, and a selection of beautiful homewares. All artwork designs in our gift shop are licensed and designed by Aboriginal people. Some products are now available on our Online Store!

Our Narana Art Gallery showcases an array of traditional and modern styled art from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people from all over Australia. These artworks are beautifully displayed and retell stories through a traditional lense of culture, traditional lands, and the people. All artworks are for sale with price ranges that suit all budgets. Our Gallery is the leading promoter of authentic local and interstate Australian Indigenous art which is dedicated to providing both provenance and equitable returns to artists and their communities.

Learn more about the Narana Aboriginal Cultural Centre space:
Phone Number:  (03) 5241 5700