Video introduction to the Wunggurrwil Dhurrung Centre by Koling wada-ngal
Committee Co-chairs and staff from One Tree Services and Wyndham City Council.

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The Centre includes a number of spaces with different services:
Wunggurrwil Dhurrung Centre is a meeting place located in Wyndham Vale. It promotes a shared vision to recognise and celebrate Aboriginal perspective and history. The centre provides a culturally safe place, where people of all ages and experiences are welcome to gather, connect, learn and share. With a name steeped in meaning, Wunggurrwil Dhurrung means “strong heart” in Wadawurrung language.
  • The Balim Balim Kindergarten.
  • Maternal and Child Health nursing care for the Stronger Families, Stronger Boorais program
  • Youth Services , with a focus on First Nations people of all ages.
  • The co-located Aboriginal Community space is called Koling wada-ngal: a Wadawurrung phrase meaning “walking together”. Managed by an Aboriginal Community Committee, Koling wada-ngal provides inclusive spaces for Aboriginal people to walk together as a community, access culturally-safe services, and celebrate culture and identity.
  • Yaluk (meaning “river” in Wadawurrung language) describes the shared community meeting spaces for hire to local neighbourhoods in Wyndham Vale for programs and events.
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